Sunday, November 13, 2011

Unexpectedly Amazing.

A few months ago the fiancé & I went to an engaged encounter weekend as a part of our church requirements, we were not thrilled. We had no idea what to expect, we read a few reviews on Yelp & they were not good at all. As the day approached I attempted to change my attitude towards it because well not being there was not an option, & it also meant I got a weekend with the fiancé distraction free! No phones, no tv, no work.

We arrived Friday around 7pm, most couples were in their leisure clothes, some had way to much luggage in tow for one weekend, & some looked just as thrilled as us to be there. We dumped the snacks we had to provide off, got our separate dorm assignments and went to the main meeting room to hear the agenda for our weekend. We got a booklet full of assignments & blank pages, we were told the weekend would consist of listening to a priest, semi newlyweds, & a couple who had been married for 10+ years tell their stories on each topic and then we would get 20 minutes to write(heck yes! I am a blogger! I can write like nobodies business & the fiancé a writer by day! We had this!) then 20 minutes to discuss. Throw in a few masses & meals and we would "pass"! Easy enough right?

Wrong. The weekend was both physically & emotionally draining but the best thing we could have done for our marriage.

The Bad

  • Up at 6. Bed around midnight.
  • Creepy dorm with a shower curtain for a door.
  • Meal time & awkward conversations with strangers.
  • Group discussions. Some people just came off like they had no problems whatsoever. Riiiight ;)
  • Snack room free for all. Candy, soda, cookies, chips galore! Pretty sure I gained 5 pounds on that alone!
  • I missed every football game on Sunday except for ONE! boo.hoo.
  • The tears! Oh the tears good & bad they were flowing!

The Good

  • The speakers, They were incredibly honest & very inspiring.
  • The 4 hour break on Saturday. Don't mind if I do run to the nearest Starbucks! :)
  • All the writing & talking! I rarely get to pick my fiance's brain about our relationship & he very very rarely pours out his feelings!
  • Saturday night we had this incredible mass! The church was dark and we just bonded like seriously bonded. We made a prayer for us an went up to the alter to pray it with the speakers(I don't know their official titles!) it was crazy powerful & then we took a candle with another couples name and wedding date to light it for them on their day.
  • Even though there were like 40 couples they did a really great job at making us feel like it was ONLY about us, we didn't have to find buddies & exchange numbers to be besties for life! & because I am as anti social as they come I was SO grateful for that! Even the dorms were a quiet zone! Shhhhh! Silence was indeed golden! ha.

{Ivan & Jessica I Hope your wedding was flawless & that your marriage is full of love, faith, & happiness}

I am so incredibly grateful for this opportunity & I highly recommend it! I had only hoped that after all was said & done we used the tools they gave us....It's not too late & I hope we can work it into our lives as Mr & Mrs =D


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It sounds like it was more positive than negative! That's always a good thing!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Wow despite the negative it sounds like a ton of positives, that's awesome.

Ruby said...

That is very cool! I'm sure the hubs and I will have to do the same once we decide to marry religiously. so far JOP has worked but ya know how parents cane be grrr!

Lil' Woman said...

Sounds like a positive experience : )
We got married by a JOP so we didn't have to do any religious obligations.

WhitneyB99 said...

Nicole, just saying hey. You should really blog more often!