Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Back in MY Day

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I saw this link up on Instagram last week and I couldn't stop thinking of things to write & THEN I forgot who was hosting lol but I found her again and here I am ;) and I forgot all the good ones I wanted to put on here! Anywho 
here it goes

Back in my Day

I was born in 1984

.....If I wanted to hear my favorite song more than once during the day I would have to record it on tape during the top 5 at 9 first....Rec & Play button at the same time!

.....I could watch 90210 but my mom said Melrose Place was too racy for me! (I am currently binge watching it on Netflix! Ha take that mom lol)

.....If a boy called my home my mom would ask them 1 million questions and never hesitated to tell them when I hadntemporarily lost my phone privileges

.....If my mom had to use the phone I had to get off the Internet good ol dial up

.....If I heard a knock on the door it wasn't my actual door it was my AIM telling me when my friends logged on

.....I wasn't allowed red nail polish until I was 16 O_o 

.....If I missed a show that was literally it...I missed it forever.

.....TV/VCR Combo was my most PRIZED possession!

.....You were not "cool" unless you had Tommy Hilfiger overalls! I begged my mom for MONTHS before she got them for me. Also? A Gap sweater and you wear it EVERYDAY hot or cold lol
.....Eyebrows were clearly optional...attitude a MUST

What do you catch yourself saying "Back in my Day!" about?!

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Christina said...

That first photo is amazing! I wasn't really allowed to watch Melrose Place, but I had a TV/VCR in my room so I would record it (with the TV off) and watch it when she wasn't home. Haha! I forgot all about the knock sound from AIM. Love it!

Sara Lynn said...

haha I love this!!! I always think back in my day kids actually played outside!

Kara said...

I love this! My husband and I were just talking about how back in our day, music video channels actually played music videos!

srjones03 said...

The knock sound on AIM was great. Thanks for linking up!

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

".....Eyebrows were clearly optional...attitude a MUST" Hahahah! Been there and done that, too girl! :)

Suze said...

I love all the posts about AIM! AiM wAs LiFe. :)

You're right- attitude was definitely a must for me!

Thanks for linking up!

Suze said...

I loved the AIM knock knock sound. It was my text tone for a while.

Thanks for linking up!