Wednesday, April 23, 2014

True Tori Recap

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Last Night was the premier of True Tori, where donna martin Tori Spelling and her estranged husband Dean McDermott hash through all the uglies of his infidelity. Its like a bad train wreck I want to turn away but I just couldn't and when I say "I" I mean me AND my husband that I forced willingly watched too.

SO she starts off on a couch telling how she found out Dean cheated, his little side cookie sold the story to the tabloids (surprise, surprise dummy) and Dean denied it but Detective Tori knew he was lying based on his quivering eyebrow (Ok hun) Dean came clean and immediately checked into rehab for addiction, depression, & overall health issues leaving poor Tori home with 4 kids and a broken heart! 

boo hoo. etc etc. Let me tell you how I REALLY feel haha.

ONE...This whole episode Tori is complaining about the paparazzi yet she's being followed around with a FILM CREW. Hello Kettle? At one point she begs them not to photograph a sick Hattie who has spewed all over her car seat YET on the other side is a camera guy who got the full view to air on national TV of course. Well alrighty then.

TWO...Her "friends" are toxic, everything that comes out of their mouths is negative, we would all like to think we would leave our spouses if they god forbid ever step out on us BUT lets keep it real you have no idea what YOU would do in her shoes. (the husband says he likes her friends because they are brutally honest AND its been 4 months & they are probably just sick of hearing about it)

Three...Why does Dean get to runaway to rehab and not deal with the wrath of Tori!? Why doesn't she get to go on sabbatical!? She gets cheated on and then has to suck it up and keep raising these 4 babies while nursing her broken heart 

Four...Dean claims he has an alter ego by the name of Deano that Tori claims she saw early on in their relationship but chose to get married anyway. My husband thinks this Deano is rebelling because he lost his identity in the Tori franchise...the "fairy tale" the lie. I am a firm believer that if things are going south no one is holding a gun to your friggin head MAN or WOMAN UP and LEAVE. Bye Felicia  don't use lame excuses.

BUT most importantly number FIVE oh five....They both CHEATED on their spouses to be with each other (dean has another son from his 1st marriage) WHY is she surprised he did the same to her!? and maybe perhaps maybe KARMA has caught up to this little miss and why should America feel sorry for her!? But if you don't and you find yourself watching, Lifetime did a GREAT job of telling you how you feel via slit your wrist songs!  

Later on in the season its revealed that Dean is a sex addict and has an unrealistic view on how much, and I can only assume, what kind of sex is "required" in a marriage.....Don't even get me started on that one. I gotta go before this post takes a ratchet turn. ;)

I am still not sure if I am Team Tori, Team Dean, or Team I just really like trashy TV and can't NOT watch!

Are you watching!? Pick a team yet? Please tell me someone else is watching this crap! haha 


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Maddie~The Whimsy One said...

Yes, I mean I feel bad for her, but yea...when you cheat with someone why would you ever think you're not susceptible to the same treatment.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Ok. Let's be honest. I've read all of her books. I follow her on twitter. I get that sometimes people don't meet each other in the best circumstances ie. their cheating scandal with each other. BUT I've always heard and said, a tiger doesn't change his stripes! HE WAS A CHEATER! HE WILL ALWAYS BE A CHEATER.

If you noticed in their session together when she goes and sees him, they kind of mention his drinking and the fact that she knew it wasn't under control before. Because she said I've seen it before and you've promised before.

What I don't get is why keep having all of these kids if you know there is serious issues going on in your marriage from the start!!!