Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Back in MY Day

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I saw this link up on Instagram last week and I couldn't stop thinking of things to write & THEN I forgot who was hosting lol but I found her again and here I am ;) and I forgot all the good ones I wanted to put on here! Anywho 
here it goes

Back in my Day

I was born in 1984

.....If I wanted to hear my favorite song more than once during the day I would have to record it on tape during the top 5 at 9 first....Rec & Play button at the same time!

.....I could watch 90210 but my mom said Melrose Place was too racy for me! (I am currently binge watching it on Netflix! Ha take that mom lol)

.....If a boy called my home my mom would ask them 1 million questions and never hesitated to tell them when I hadntemporarily lost my phone privileges

.....If my mom had to use the phone I had to get off the Internet good ol dial up

.....If I heard a knock on the door it wasn't my actual door it was my AIM telling me when my friends logged on

.....I wasn't allowed red nail polish until I was 16 O_o 

.....If I missed a show that was literally it...I missed it forever.

.....TV/VCR Combo was my most PRIZED possession!

.....You were not "cool" unless you had Tommy Hilfiger overalls! I begged my mom for MONTHS before she got them for me. Also? A Gap sweater and you wear it EVERYDAY hot or cold lol
.....Eyebrows were clearly optional...attitude a MUST

What do you catch yourself saying "Back in my Day!" about?!

Saturday, April 12, 2014


A few weeks ago I went to get in my car to go to work and I noticed my glove compartment was open....and my middle console.....AND my trunk was slightly popped open! We were broken into. There was no visible damage like a window being broken but after we looked a little more our door handle was all messed up. I am so glad my husband decided to drive me to work that day and he was right there investigating it all. The night before we had attended our friends graduation ceremony from the sheriffs academy and I was THISCLOSE to leaving our fancy camera under my sweater in the front seat THANK GOODNESS I made more room in my hands and took it up. We looked everywhere and we didn't immediately notice anything missing...so we my husband chose not to file a police report and we drove to work.

I know it might seem silly but I really felt violated! Like the seat I was in so was some creepy loser looking and touching all of MY things in MY car that I work hard for. My emotions turned from scared to sad to downright MAD like what the heck?! Now I have to fix my door handle and you got ZERO from me and my car. Bravo! Right On! Good Job! jackass.

Can you tell I am still pretty peeved!? I know it could be worse and all that jazz but this was bad for me, AND the next day when I went to get ready for the day I realized they stole my makeup bag! Used make up woo hoo hope you got tons of $$ for used mascara and eye shadow >:( There was tons more but the husband took me shopping to replenish my collection but he couldn't understand my frustration, I was annoyed because it takes YEARS to find good colors and combos and having mascara by Covergirl and foundation by Maybelline am I right or am I right ladies!? Well I have my basics and I am working on the rest :)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Shake Rattle n Roll


You guys southern California is movin'! After a 3.6 we had a 5.1 and 100 aftershocks good lord almighty I know this is small and most people have blizzards, hurricanes, and much much more but this is the west coast let us have this!

I am in Downey which is about 10 miles from the epicenter of all the shakin' and turns out I am a tad rusty on earthquake preparedness, my last BIG one was in 1994 and I was 9! and all I remember is running outside and into our car.... so last night I was making some toast in my pjs and all of a sudden everything starts going crazy and its not stopping SO my 1st instinct was to RUN out of my apartment! (FYI the news said a million times that is what you DON'T do) But my husband calmly told me to have a seat, so I did and it stopped. We still got fully dressed just in case there was anything else coming and it did, another 3ish but we stayed put just waiting to see what was next. Luckily nothing significant happened and I was able to sleep some.

This morning another 3ish hit at 9am and a 4ish at 2pm seriously I can't remember, in my adult life, experiencing this kind of movement. Everyone is saying the BIG one is coming and we are overdue but the husband thinks the shakes are good and could be relieving the pressure on the faults and he would be more worried if we weren't going through this.

Thank goodness no deaths or major injuries have been reported, just a lot of broken plates, bottles, and the like. Some water mains broke and something with gas but its all back under control and I am hoping it stays this way! Just in case we did go buy some flashlights and water so we can be somewhat prepared!!

Stay safe SoCal :)