Friday, November 20, 2015

Women CAN be Sports Fans.

So if your new here or forgot I've been a Dodger & Lakers fan since birth thanks to my stepdad & a Kansas City Chiefs fan since 2007 thanks to HBO hard knocks. 

Recently during the baseball playoffs our beloved Chase Utley made a "dirty" baseball play against a NY Met and put him out of the postseason, well of course you know social media was a buzz with all the baseball "experts" and I was getting pretty annoyed because well honestly it's MY team they're bashing. plain and simple. So I took the liberty to post something cheeky on a Facebook thread, I think it was Yahoo Sports or something and all I said was "bad fielding" basically blaming the Met and OF COURSE I knew my comment was cray lol but I didn't think people would get so low! A few responses:

Male: "Make me a sammich"
Male: "Women don't know sports"
Male & Female: rule book blah blah blah lol I cant remember but all of a sudden they were profesh umps. 
Female: something like don't insult other women because this girl made the most idiotic comment of her life

Uhmmm excuse me miss but I am 31 years old I've said far more asinine things! & probably regarding much more important things than the MLB post season puh lease lol.

My point here is WHY to be "cleared" as an OFFICIAL fan of a particular sport or team do I have to know who hit a grand slam in 1965 to win the final game of the regular season?! Or how many receiving yards Tony Gonzalez had in his career?! What I remember is my 1st game filling out the last page of the program with my stepdad noting all the plays, I remember every year looking forward to the game we went to on my birthday. I remember buying a protective case for my beloved Mike Piazza rookie card. Give me a friggin break just because I don't remember every single date of history of my teams TRUST me I am an official fan.

Why can't a true fan be just that a FAN. Root for your team through the good bad and damn ugly?! Read lakers I know enough logistics to get me through the technical stuff or I have my super duper smart handsome husband to ask. Why does my gender mean I can't be a real fan? Are you going to tell the new professional lady refs to go make you a sammich?! 

I think not. 


Monday, November 9, 2015

Errrr...Welcome Back?

I started a blog, like a year ago on word press but I didn't feel home. Yes, I am weird. Also, I cannot for the life of me figure out how NOT to pay for this piece of real estate I own here so might as well utilize it. I don't know if I am back or what not but I definitely know I miss blogging. Even if no one reads hi husband it still feels good being able to word vomit here on the world wide web. Speaking of vomit, I have had the worst stomach flu for 10 days! Most symptoms have subsided but sheesh I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy, maybe one or two haha I kid, I kid. What a segue huh? I know I am delightful.

Til the next time internet.


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Monday, June 2, 2014

Red Light = GO

Last week, hump day to be exact, I was driving home LAA DEE DAA (me minding my own business) I was about 10 minutes away from home stopped waiting for the red light to turn green so I could you know GO and the all of a sudden BAM! someone crashes into me. I was so confused I looked around to see who had gotten into an accident!? but all I saw was everyone was whizzing by not giving a hoot or a holler that I could be near death (drama much?) After  I realized it was me and I was 1. Not dying 2. My car was driveable and 3. I need to move out from the middle of the road PRONTO.

So I pull over and out comes this middle aged Hispanic guy apologizing profusely in Spanish (Sir no nintendo lol)  because apparently he FELL ASLEEP and while I don't know much Spanish and wasn't speaking great English at the time I understood THAT part. Tsk tsk, He said he has 2 jobs and just knocked out. GREAT. He gestured me to the back of my car to see that I didn't really have any  damage and we could both go our merry ways. Uhmm no sir I want all your info would you care for mine? He said no. This was my 1st accident so I took everything down...I had to be sure I covered all my bases because I knew my boss husband would demand it all.

He was right, the damage was minimal so we didn't get a police report and we both left. After a call to my husband I was on my way home. When I got there I got 99 questions and then an Are You Ok!? MEN! I understand SOMEONE needed to get into "responsible mode" (it wasn't going to be me) but geez hug a lady, a kiss, a pat on the back SOMETHING and then talk about car damage, deductibles, claims etc etc. You see my husband is a fabulous driver, zero accidents, he doesn't really comprehend how accidents happen and most definitely does not understand how I could have let one happen! As if me sitting at a complete stop at a red light could have somehow prevented the person behind me from falling asleep! Ok honey love ya but BYE!

Not to fret, after all the calls and the dust had settled I got my much needed coddling. Other than a sore knee and back me, my car and the other driver are fine. I swear I am not one of those people who need to capitalize on unfortunate situations BUT I did go to my Dr the next day and had an X Ray, just to be sure, and I do not feel like I should pay for that so I hope as I write this my health and car insurance and his insurance are playing nice so we can put ALL this behind us and move on :)

Moral of the story? If you're sleepy PULL OVER and nap ;)

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